Hey everyone, im in need of some advice on a used guitar.
ok so there is an archtop acoustic im interested in, or i think at least.

its a 60's Silvertone Archtop. its missing the tailpiece and pickguard. bridge is glued down (though suppossed to be in the correct position, not worried much about this), you can obvously tell its used but dosent bother me. i like it worn look(i did not see it, only my dad has as its about an 1.5hours away closer to his work)
also there is a hairline crack on the upper right of the soundboard not too bad thought. its tight and not very noticeable. and after searching a bit i found that repairing this is not extremly complicated(on a standard acoustic) but i dont know how you would get inside the body with only f-holes and if the archtop would pose more problems.
Neck is in good condition though he told me the fretboard was flat. no radius. is this normal. most other archtops i have have looked at have some radius(i think). dont know if its real chunky too, dont think so tho. This is a decent sized concern for me.

now i do like playing some blues or blues/rock stuff but i am mostly attracted to just the look of the guitar and was planning on using it more as an acoustic sorta guitar. would like to put some sort of acoustic pickup in it to use it live(again f holes seem to make that challenging)
my question is mainly should i even bother buying this guitar for $75? with case
also would this work for me and my playing/music stlye. Acoustic for all (or most) music style (parties, banquets, weddings etc).

what do you think? i figure i could have a complete guitar with a budget pickup for $150 but not sure if it will even be/sound right
im allways long posts sry
Eh...this one isn't exactly blowing my skirt up. I presume this had a trapeze tailpiece....how to replace that? Also, the bridges on these are not supposed to be glued...how would you adjust intonation? Crack in the body...

A perfect one might be worth a bit more than this asking price, but I think what you have here is an EL KABONG guitar...jmho