Ok, so my hardcore band that I was in went on standby, so me and this girl i used to work with and a drummer decided to start a band.

and they lumped me with the website design and all that wonderful crap.

so whats this doing here?
ok, i really have no clue, but i figured this was the best place to ask.

so we play acoustic stuff, like Secondhand Serenade and City and Colour. Then we also play stuff like Flyleaf, Evanessence and Meg & Dia. But we also play stuff like Rise Against, Billy Talent and Atreyu.
Thus I have no clue what genre we fit in.
I take it this is for myspace.....if you're not sure of your sound, you're probably not ready to make a page, it's too early in the game. You have to know what kind of band you are before you even start to market yourself.

And, yes, you DO need a genre to start out....otherwise labels, and audiences for that matter, won't know what to make of you, so they can't figure out how to market you, where you can be booked, have fans explain your music to friends if they want other people to hear you (if you're good enough), figure out where you're coming from and going musically, even down to why you dress the way you do onstage. (That sounds shallow, but it's true, image is pretty important to genre nowadays whether you like it or not.)
'Cause I have done it before and I will do it some more....
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