Hey, I'm looking into buying an acoustic. Haven't owned one yet, so I'm looking for some info. about Ovation guitars.

I hear they sound great through an amp, and play extremely well, but are very trebly when unplugged. What do you all think of Ovation guitar. Please, if you could delve farther in than 'good' or 'bad', that would be great.

If you don't like them, could you suggest another guitar to look into, maybe one that plays somewhat like an ovation?
some have bigger and smaller body's and that's what makes it bassey. i personally like the tone a lot.
Ovations tend to be love or hate. The sound is concentrated in the mids and highs. The mid and shallow depth bowls sound hollow to my ears. I wouldn't play them without amplification. I play a full depth bowl and like it. The round shape takes some getting use to though.
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