I saw a craigslist ad with a guy selling a 1989 Ibanez RG550 body with the neck heel joint with an Original Floyd Rose (not an Edge), the bridge pickup, and some random hardware (pickguard, covers etc). The paint doesn't look original (painted over black) which sucks but he wants $150 for it. Is this a decent deal? I really want a nicer Ibanez as I'm currently using a RG350dx and I like the feel but want to upgrade. My budget is around $500-700 which I figure can get me a good used one. Would you guys try to complete this guitar or just look for something intact?

Side question: Anyone ever play a RG550 through a 5150 halfstack?
ide buy a used rg off ebay. there is one on there now that is like 475 buy it now. there is also a 20th anniversary for 650 buy it now
Ask if you can go over and play it. If you like it, get it, if not, don't. Whether it's "worth it" can't be decided by someone who can't see, hear, or play the guitar.
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I play a RG470 through a 6505+, I guess my tone is pretty decent (but could be better because I'm dumb enough not to get a Vader cab).
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if im not mistaken an OFR alone is like 150 bucks at least.

if its legit id say its a pretty decent deal.
Sounds good, but why isn't there an Edge in it?
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