hey, ive been having a look at this guitar:
Metal X

Yay or Nay? I think it looks alright.
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Nay unfortunately. A guitar that cheap with a floyd rose style trem isnt going to be of the highest quality. Might just be me, but I dont trust licensed floyd all that much. It'll probably crap out after not alot of use.
it looks nice, but like any guitar that cheap, its most likely gonna SUCK, but then again for a 100.00 idk if youll get any better

EDIT: i also think it hillarious about how "METAL UP YOUR ASS!!!!!" they're trying to make this guitar
Nay, that looks awful
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Well from my limited knowledge, my biggest concerns would be that its from a no-name company, and after listening to the sample mp3, it doesn't sound particulary good, most probably uses low quality parts and construction aswell.

Someone with abit more knowledge/experience with this particular guitar may be able to help more.
decent to look at yeah, but the price would put me off. I would be thinking why it's that cheap and what they've cut down on to lower the price.
it looks like a good starter guitar, but i wouldn't buy a "brand X' model
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hey, ive been having a look at this guitar:
Metal X

Yay or Nay? I think it looks alright.

No. It's a lot more bad than just 'nay'. It's très bad. I'm guessing anyways. It'll be a nasty cut of basswood, not to mention you may aswell have a bridge made out of cardboard.

Meh, just save up a bit and get something decent. If you're gonna buy a guitar, at least give it the £150 mark, because then the guitars start to get better.
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it's body shape reminds me of my AX-50

I'd have to say nay, it looks pretty cheap
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I could get that tone out of my squier. And if in the audio example the guitar is out of tune, what kind of impression do you think that gives as well?
I wouldn't buy a guitar that cheap without playing it.
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For something that cheap, you know you're getting crap, but if you don't have much cash to spare, I've heard much worse for more in the beginner ranges. I'd say stick to something more generic - like your typical LP or SG copy. Floyd trems aren't much cop as a general rule of thumb until you start getting into the originals and high-end licencees (e.g. Schaller), I ;earned this the hard way with my Epi G400. Still saving up for an original to replace it.
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It slays dragons though... that's a feature most higher end guitars these days don't even consider putting on...
Nay dude. Cheap guitars with Floyds are often a bit dodgy, most of what your paying is for the floyd itself - not the guitar.
Well, It's very inexpensive but the specs don't sound bad and it says its from Korea and the guitars out of Korea are better than the ones coming out of China. They have a 14 day return policy so it can't hurt to give it a shot. Hell I spend more than that at the bar on a Friday night. LOL

The MP3 they let you hear it sound decent and it got a lot of good reviews. If you like it try it your not really loosing out much.
Dude thats the guitar i use now

The floyd rose license on this guitar is actually amazing for the price, i dont understand how i can jam and abuse the tremolo system for a week and on the saturday it is still in tune (sometimes goes a little sharp). Replace the stock strings for Ernie ball slinkys STRAIGHT away and get the floyd rose floating right then bam.

But no, if you are in it for the shape then get a bc rich, otherwise get an ibanez (without an edge III). The sound on this sucks, it doesnt do distortion or clean well, even on a good amp. The fat gear4music logo on the headstock is kinda downgrading too