i know that there are a lot of people that simply love this song
i just simply just dont get why it is so popular?
is it the solo, the melody or what
Qu'est-ce que l'enfer est si spécial à ce sujet?

Je ne comprends pas!!


i hear it being played all the time! its annoying
please explain it to me!
because it's a song that like Back In Black or Stairway To Heaven, is more or less one of the songs you HAVE to know (or at least the main riff) as a guitarist, probably because it's immediately recognisable and a well known song.
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It's a fun song to learn on guitar, and pretty easy for the riff.
Let's see... what else... hmmm... did I say it was fun? =)
because it's a cool song. and girls love that song (that's how i met my ex, i was playing it in the park.)
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It's a relatively easy song to learn, and sounds a lot harder than it is. I'll admit to it being a "show off" song for me a few years back when I started. BTW, English only.
which of the tabs on UG is the most accurate? they all seem different..
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which of the tabs on UG is the most accurate? they all seem different..

look at a few of them, and see which one you are happiest with, the star system gives a guideline though.
most people like this song just for the solo. The solo is amazing and if you can play it, along with the whole song, you feel good. :P
fuuuuun to play and it has an amazing solo.
if you can play the solo it impresses ppl.

it's a classic song everyone has to know it.