My band, Red Shift, opening for another local band for a drama club fundraiser about two weeks ago. This was the last song, out of 6, that we played before the other band came on.

Please dismiss the guitarist/bassist/drummer-vocalist thing we have going on. If I (guitar) could sing, I definitely would. But the drummer is the only one of us that has an actually good singing voice. I don't care much for it, but for right now we try to make due.

Oh, and I notice now that it looks like I'm giving a nazi salute at the end. I was waving and my hand wasn't outwards at all, but from the angle the camera gives, it just looks like a salute. haha.

Tell me what you guys think. Thank you in advance for any opinions and critiques.
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That was great. Nice tight playing. Drummer has a pretty good voice. Just goes out a bit towards the end, which isn't surprising. Nothing really to criticise. Good job.
It's gonna be a blue day
Hey, thank you for the critiques (late as this may be). And about the drums, they usually actually drown out the guitar, bass, and vocals. If you were there, they still kinda did. But it was actually better than the last time.
Guitar at the beginning feels awkward. Vocals are sweet. Drums don't feel powerful enough. When the guitar kicks in, waaay to much distortion.
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