Ok I've owned my B-52 at-112 for several months now and everything has been going great! Except...

I had an incredible tone from this thing. It was good for chunky palm muting, not horrible and shrill when I soloed... it was great. but all of a sudden if i turn the treble up at all (its at 0 right now) it sounds terrible. grainy and shrill and just bad... I thought maybe I needed to just get a new battery for my emgs. I got it switched out and I still got the same thing. I took a look inside my amp and there is one tube that isn't glowing and 1 that isn't glowing very bright... is this a sign that I need new tubes? or is it something else?

help please!!

s00perEDIT: also what kind and where do I get them??
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edit: you dont know what tubes your amp takes?

secondedit: fine, i did your research for you. bastard. you owe me cookies now.

2 - 6L6/5881 power tubes
4 - 12AX7 preamp tubes
1- 12AX7 phase inverter tubes

...i want cookies....
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thank you, many e-cookies go to you!!!^

s00perd00perEDIT: do I need 1 6l6 and 1 5881 for the powertubes? or do I choose one and get 2 of them?

I'm a tube n00b
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personally, i would change all the tubes.

fresh sets are always nice

and definitely order form tube depot

i ordered a pair of jj's for my fender on monday and i got them today. beautiful

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Yeah I know.^ I'm going to get a whole new set! but My question is this:

Do I need 2 tubes that are both "6l6/5881" or do I need a 6l6 and a 5881 separately? because I'm finding both...