In the 60's my uncle was in a band (he was the singer) and they wrote a song together when he was 18, i would love to be able play the lead part of the song but can not figure it out, i have the song uploaded to putfile is there anyone on here that could listen to it and work it out in Tab for me please,

its called " The Reason Why, its not a marvellous copy as the record is a bit crackly due to its age but you can hear it, it does go in to another song but the reason why is at the beginning, you can find it here : http://media.putfile.com/Tony-Strange---the-reason-why--My-kind-of-girl

he's a good singer, this song sounds cool... when you ask for the lead part, did you mean the little intro solo thing?
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he's a good singer, this song sounds cool... when you ask for the lead part, did you mean the little intro solo thing?

Thanks, i am seeing him 2nite in aclub he still sings, yes its the little intro, its also played a few times during the song, i think theres a middle 8 where its played aswell



It's something like that, it's in E minor. When it comes to the 7th fret he does a little subtle pull off thing... I have the GP file if you want timing
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Thanks darkstar, i am not sure what a GP file is but if its for timing yes please anything that helps, its quite a nice sound, the lead guitarist guitar had a rather hawian sound to his guitar, i am not sure what guitar he had when he recorded this but i know he did have a 60s genuine fender Stratocaster, i can get hold of him but he cant play the guitar anymore due to problems with his hand and i doubt he remembers how to play it.

thanks again
GP file is a Guitar Pro file. Guitar Pro is a program people use to tab songs and stuff, or if you have Powertab I could give you that... Actually, I'll just e-mail the bmp of it
Hi darkstar did you send the bmp as i have not had anything, ive been playing it and it does sound like it so thanks, i do like the song he even sung it in his band a few years back at a club especially for me and my partner , if you are interested in some songs he recorded when he was older you can find them here http://www.putfile.com/alanbrookestud/media