Alright, so I'm on here a week ago, browsing threads, and I see that you can take an earbub (from MP3 player) and put it against the pickup when the guitar is on and it'll play through your amp.

So, I'm fooling around with my crap Epiphone starter amp (didn't want to test it on my HRD) and I was playing 12:51 by The Strokes. (lead) We'll you don't need the 6 and 5 strings so I put the earbud under the 5/6 strings against the bridge pup to play the song and played along with it on the same amp.

Could this in any way hurt the amp? It's not much different than playign it through my computer and playing on my amp, but I thought it was kinda cool.
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it doesnt do **** to your amp
i dont know why you would think it would either.

when you smash your guitar on the ground does your amp break in half?

if it does anything at all, it should do to your pickups
No it wont damage the amp.
it might if theres alot of bass in a song though since guitar amps cant handle bass guitars but its just head phones so it wont be that bad
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