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the product
8 47%
the buyers
7 41%
the marketing
2 12%
the reputation of the company
0 0%
Voters: 17.
Id say thats its really about all of those things. Gotta have a good product, make sure the buyer is happy and you have a good reputation and marketing helps get the word out about said product.
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Q. What is business all about?

A. the product, the buyers, the marketing, and the "face" of the business.

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If the consumer is happy, then the business did its job.

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all of those. buisness is a combination of things working together
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I'd say it's a combo of everything, but I suppose product would be most important because without it, the others fail.
buyer and product. other 2 things are less significant in terms of basic business transactions.
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Pretty much all you listed was about marketing. The marketing mix (product, place, price, position) entails all that a business does in putting themselves forward in a market. Buyers = the buyers' and users' needs, wants and behaviour- an aspect of marketing, and reputation is associated with positioning [as respects their image].

Therefore, from your options, marketing. But really the bottom line of business is money, unless it's a charity organisation with the view to helping others.