I have a Epiphone G-400 Custom (The "Les Paul" SG with pickups) and I am having trouble with the neck bridge pickup. Sometimes, when I switch to it, it doesn't turn on, and and I have to switch rapidly back and forth between the other pickups to get it to turn on. I don't know if it is a problem with the pickup or selector switch. And if it is faulty wiring from either one of the possibilites, how much would it be to fix it ?
switch is dirty. blow compressed air into it.

it'll eventually need to be swapped out. or a wire will need resoldered if one is loose.

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I had this problem with the switch on my Les Paul. I took off the cover on the back and blew all the dust out... it's been a month and haven't had any more problems. try that first before spending the coin or time trying to replace it