Hey, Christmas is coming and that means more guitary stuff.
i'm getting a cube 30X to replace my old broken amp, but also want a good multifx pedal, not sure what to get though.
Budget is about 150 dollars.
Im mostly looking for something with a decent wah, and also good distortion and delay, and the other stuff too.
The music I play mostly is Tool, Opeth, slipknot, APC and rammstein.
Thanks in advance.
150$ wont really get anything good...try a digitech rp
My pedalboard is worth more than my car, but that doesn't say much for either.
Hah, that's funny because I have a cube 30x and was thinking about selling it to get a peavey vypyr. Will you pay me one million dollars for it? I'm going to be big one day, and it'll be worth much more someday. Seriously though, if you're looking for a crisp metal tone there's not really much to choose from on the cube except for the rectifier,which still isn't very crisp. I'd recommend you check out some other amps like the vypyr or the peavey valveking (which I would get if I wasn't so poor).
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a multi-effects pedal won't mix well with a modeling amp, can you use the cost of the cube + pedal budget to get a better amp eg vypyr 60. (they are all the rage)?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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