Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows anything you can eat/drink/smoke/whatever to make your hair grow faster.

For those who MUST know:
I used to have long hair. Then I got a mohawk. Then I got tired of shaving the sides every week, as well as cops & preps giving me dirty looks, and let the sides grow out. Now I have a center stripe where the hair's about 10 inches long, and about 3-5 inches on the sides. I dunno why, but I kind of look like a chick like this. I've been wearing it in a ponytail to keep guys (somewhat) off of me.

Just as a friend with long hair prescribed, I've been having milk & cookies for the past few hours. Any better suggestions?

EDIT: BTW, just cutting it off and starting anew is out of the question, although it's probably the senible thing to do. I hate people with short hair. (no offense intended)
Hair thread?
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keep the mohawk up while the rest catches up. Think it is gonna look awesome.

btw take some pics >_< mohawks ftw!
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Edit: Then take pictures and send me them.

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