a couple of days ago, I discovered the marshall jtm 30. Although they are no longer in constant production, they stil fetch for about 450-550 dollars. This seems waaaay to good to be true. seeing as its a marshall and the several soundclips ive heard of it sound great. So my question is, is there a catch with this amp? Some kind of common technical prolblem perhaps? Anything that could explain this amp's low price? If so, is there a way to fix it?
is it possible for you to get some pics of the amp uploaded at all?

Edit: try and get a play on it as well.
if it's an online buy, get as much info from the supplier as you can. tell him to upload a sound sample, some pictures of the amp and it's electrics and if it's close to you see if you can get a play on it.
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Google is your friend. "Marshall JTM 30 Reviews"

Anyways, I saw 2 on ebay at 450 and 535 buy it now, so price seems right...

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I bought one used and it IS great...amazing cleans and jcm like OD, with a tubescreamer it can do metal too. The reverb however is very subtle, if that matters to you, unfortunatly I had to return it because my parents didn't want me to buy used, damn them...
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