So its almost Christmas and my parents asked me what i wanted, and i had no idea, so i went to my local guitar dealer and he is selling a Line 6 Spider III 120 watt combo amp with footswitch for $250. The tag said "used" but i couldnt visibly see anything wrong with it. He said i can come in any time and give 'er a try. What are your opinions on this amp? I play anything from Black Sabbath to Guns N' Roses to Killswitch Engage to AC/DC. Any info would be much appreciated.
do you want an enlarged practice amp?

what's your budget and what kinds of music do you play?
if you like it, then go for it.

my guitar teacher uses that amp as a backup to his bassman, so it cant be all bad, i like the sounds myself, it just takes a little tweaking.

so spend some time with it, if it does what you want, jump on it.
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i have the 15 watt, and love it, beautiful, and sturdy, pump out tones that cannot be drastically changed though, that's my only beef with mine, but the 120 amp should have more options, i say buy it.
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Budget isnt much at all. Probably nothing over $250. I play Classic Rock - Modern Metal and everything in between I think all i need is a practice am for now because i dont play with a drummer yet, just me and the bassist.
Get one of the 5 watt tube amps by Fender or Epiphone, it will be worth it I promise! It will be loud enough
If your budget is $250 look for Roland Cubes and Vox AD30VT (No XL).

They're much better than the Spiders.
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Quote by SylvaShredder
Get one of the 5 watt tube amps by Fender or Epiphone, it will be worth it I promise! It will be loud enough

Wont do modern metal though.
Go for a Roland Cube
I own a 15w Spider III and I am not happy with it. It puts out decent clean sounds, but if you turn it to the "insane" setting, the distortion is terrible. I only use it for a monitor for drumming. I use my Peavey Rage158 instead.

For around the same price range, I would suggest the Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Valve-Jr-HalfStack?sku=481475)

I know it says it is only 5 watts, but this thing is quite loud. It could easily compete with a 15w or maybe even a 30w.

If not that, I would also suggest a Vox AD30VT (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Valvetronix-AD30VT-30W-Guitar-Combo?sku=481959)
It is a great tube amp.

Keep these two suggestions in mind.
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I agree, Just heard a cube for the first time yesterday, fantastic sounding little amp, with a lot of versatility, highly recommend it.
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Fixed. The 75 will be more similar in power honestly.
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i had a spider 15, hated it. It's very digital sounding, I love the pure sound of a tube amp, no pedals. the cleans are crap, the distortion was crap and the effects where more crap.

I'd stay away if I was you.
Far. Far. FAR. away.
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If not that, I would also suggest a Vox AD30VT (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Valvetronix-AD30VT-30W-Guitar-Combo?sku=481959)
It is a great Hybrid amp.
Keep these two suggestions in mind.

Vypyr 30 gets my vote also, you won't need more as you're not gigging.
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The Vibro Champ is good if you don't care about the extra few watts and the clean channel as well.