hey, i recently purchased a BC rich NJ jr.v deluxe with an OFR. i love the guitar but i seem to be having a little bit of trouble with the FR, because its my first. The strings seem to be goin out of tune quickly(well i mean the pitch is of, but its still roughly around the same note if u know what i mean), even without using the whammy bar, but its mostly just one string(all of them go out of tune but the 4D is very bad for it, would the saddle be dodgy there or something?).

i lowered the action so that it would suit me, but the strings are bending over the bridge pickup when i raise the bar, is this a problem?? thank you, any help is appreciated.
do you palm mute alot? if so, you could be hitting the fine tuners.
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First of all, sweet guitar. I have the BC Rich ASM Pro. The same setup except for the strat shape. For the guitar going out of tune, check the locking nut. Tighten it up using the allen key. I just tried the whammy bar and my strings just touch the bridge pickup. My action is pretty low as well.
have you had the guitar restrung since you bought it? you may also want to bring it in for a service. Personally, I'd rather spend $20 and have my guitar stay in tune, rather than have it go out of tune every five minutes. I know the second guitarist in my band had the same problem with his ibanez recently, but had it fixed up for him by the local guitar shop. <s>As well... what do you mean by bending "over" the bridge pickup? can you upload a picture of this, 'cause if it's touching the pickup, you either have your action too low or your pickup raised to high.

Edit: scratch that last bit. my bad.
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thanks for your replies... i guess ill just go and get it setup at the guitar shop near me. The strings were just touching the bridge pickup coz i fiddled about wiht the action. Turns out it was too low so i raised it a bit and they seem to be stayin in tune a bit better, but still not very well at all. i do palm mute alot yes coz all i play is metal really, but im almost sure im not touching the fine tuners... but then again i could be so i might have to change my hand position a bit.