I like the main riff. Simple, yet powerful. It's a good mix of grind, thrash, and hardcore.
My only real complaint with this song are the breakdowns. The one that starts at bar 39 and ends at 60 is just way too long, generic, and slow.
The bass and drum medley right after is pretty cool.
The riff right after it is pretty good too.
Even the dissonant one. Especially that dissonant riff at 80.

The second long breakdown/chugging riff at around 110 is kinda annoying, but the it gets redeemed in the end.
I like it.

The snare hits and atomspheric choir is tight.
That's an effective ending. It sounds like it leads to another song. Is there another song to this?

Anyway, I'd say...8/10.
Get rid of the breakdowns or make them more interesting, and that's a 9, easy.

Would you please crit my Lycotrope piece? I think you'll enjoy that more than the other ones, but I could be wrong.
I liked it. I think that you've written a good song for the genre, but I feel that for it to improve sonically then you should change a few bits, namely the some of the drums (I felt that the verse were too overpowering, and let the rest of the song down).

I had no qualms with the breakdowns, as I quite enjoy the change from fast and relentless into a more sparse sound.

The keyboard was a nice addition as well.

The 'south' bit was my least favourite part, though think that's just 'cause I'm not a fan of the dissonant fast ****.

The outro was really good as well - I'm a big fan of the HUGE EPIC OUTRO on metal songs.

Good song, 8.5/10 from me.

If you'd be so kind as to crit 'Stuck (nice metal)' further on down the page for me in return, i'd be very grateful : D
this was good

you made good use of dissonance

it didnt sound like crap

i know what huevos was talking about at the hemorages

but if you imagine screaming over it, its no big deal.

it blends together just fine

my favorite part would have to be the breakdown

it was pretty amazing

i really liked the keys

but i suggest you turn it down so that it doesnt overpower the rest of the tracks

make it blend with everything else

and i loved the outro. it sounded good.

perfect way to end the song

main riff is well done. could easily imagine singing over it. the build up at 17 is awesome. has a cool dissonant feeling to it. oooo an original breakdown for once in this forum. hemorage bit is cool. creats a good atmosphere. love the bass slides up to 12. and then the synth. YES. bass solo is kinda cool. howver i would have changed the drumming. kept the toms, but like added lots of fills and stuff. dirty south bit is so awesome. makes me want to kill something. tremolo in the main riff comes in well. and exits well. hemprage 2 is just as good as the original. outro is prob my least fav bit of the song. pretty typical, plus i didnt really like the riff.

very awesome song. sets good moods plus its original for a genre that is ussually so unoriginal.
the darkest song i've heard from you.
doesn't sound like *.core like usual. (;
i like that punk attitude.
some part's reminded me of sodom.
nice dissonance. you used them well, like always.

yeah.. i'm rather bad at critting songs. ;D
solid song, loser. ♥