Lil acsoutic song I like singing and playing when bored....hope u guys like it.......nothign major...just 1 guitar and 1 vocal......1st takes only......so some notes are not that perfect...hahaha.....PEACE OUT


That was a great song, very chill, and definitely could fall asleep real easy to that song.
You have an emotional voice, which is very nice to listen to, especially when its just a voice and the guitar. Meaningful lyrics too, something everybody can agree on.

My one concern is the guitar. Don't get me wrong, it was very nice and the tone was great, but it doesn't stand out. When someone listens to this song, they can tell your a great singer, but they can't decipher whether or not your a great guitarist. Don't take this the wrong way, please. I listened to your other songs and its safe to say your an excellent guitarist and singer. But for someone who hasn't listened to your other music won't have the full first impression. In my opinion, in the middle of the track somewhere, just go off on the guitar, and have a short instrumental, just to have the first impression of a great vocalist and guitarist.

But then again, i would listen to this song over and over again anyway. Thats probably what im going to do... It is great in itself, and this is only a suggestion for improvement.
Excellent job.

If you have time, could you crit my song? I'm working on a vocal line and spicing up the drums and the guitar a bit, so any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks
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