Hey guys
im getting a peavey vypyr real soon and im stuck on which one to buy (30,75)
i heard that 30 watt's crap when playing loud...
i usually play in my bedroom but im going to do some gigs soon so...
which one should i buy?
btw i play metal and hard rock
If it's a solid amp, definately the 75w.
30w tube probably good enough depending on gig size.

ask someone else, that's all i have to offer.
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try to buy the Vypyr tube 60 if you can find it in your area, it has power tubes so it is very loud, and unlike other hybrid amps where a tube is in the preamp, the power tubes will influence the tone significantly. Or so I have heard
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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The 30 is surprisingly loud and it might be able to do a school gym. Gyms vary in size depending on the where you live so I'm not sure. If you can afford it the 75 is probably the better choice. My local shop was out of 75's or I would've got one instead of my 30. The 30's are really good though. Try them in person and see what you think.