Hey guys,

What are the things i should check and look for when checking a used amp? I mean like checking a used amp to make sure that its OK.

Im looking into a Roland Cube 20x or a 30x. The 15x seems to have too little settings for me. Should i get a 20x or a 30x? Is the only difference between them the amp models? I play classic rock and stuff like that with a beginner strat.

Please give me some feedback on checking a used amp and the Cubes.
Besides looking for general damage and your regular cosmetic stuff, make sure all of the knobs work correctly and that there are no crooked shafts or broken pots. Turn it on and play through it of course. Make sure you play through all of the channels and demo all of the settings. Give it a decent amount of volume. Make sure the input jack doesn't wiggle, and definitely make sure that the sound doesn't cut out if you pull on the cable a little bit.

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No great advice as far as used amps go. But get the 30x for the amp models. Word around here says its worth it and more.
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Its a solidstate amp.

They work underwater or so I'm told.
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