alright, well right now I have this $100 guitar that actually has lasted me a while and I don't mind it too much, however I'm looking to upgrade. I'm just looking for a good acoustic guitar. My price range is between around $600-$1000...so please, give me some good ideas!
Larrivee L03, or possibly D03, depending upon whether you're looking for a deadnaught-style cannon (D03), or something that will bridge between fingerstyle and strumming/flatpicking styles (L03).

Hands-down...the best bang for the buck in an all-solid wood axe in the range you're looking for. Ebony board and bridge (standard on all their axes), sapele back & sides (very similar to mahogany in looks and tone), and a spruce top that's not to be believed in a guitar in this price range...tight, straight grain, lots of cross-silking and rings like a fookin bell.

Every Larrivee I've played was way the hell underpriced for the quality. I was lucky enough to obtain an L03 mahogany before they raised the price and reserved mahogany for their -05 series and up. I paid $800 including sales tax and a HSC for a guitar that I would stand up to a Martin costing three times as much.

Their prices have gone up a bit since then, but are still quite reasonable. Try looking at Guitaradoptions.com... they always have Larrivees, new or used, and are an honest, serious musician's retailer...they will stand by their product and service. Ebay is another source of good deals on these, but that's a bit more of a caveat emptor situation.