This is a Melodic Death Metal piece titled Heimdal.

I know your first thought is going to most likely have something to do with this not exactly sounding like Melodic Death metal.

BUT, when it is all said and done with my band, we sound very Amon Amarth-y.

Not too fond of the intro melody.

However, I do rather love the chorus, and the guitar parts that mesh together.

Very cool.
I like the chorus too..
And also the interlude a little..

The intro sounds weird, maybe because of the major (I think) melody being played with tremolo and doesn't sound that good, if the melody was different then it would sound better...

The last part is good, but maybe add another outro and end it properly instead of the abrupt ending...
I agree with those two posts above me.
They cite my primary concerns with this song; teh alpha and omega.

The intro is good, but the melody is kinda sketchy.
It seems to me that the half step back from the D to C# throws off the rest of the riff.
Nevermind, it's the inclusion of D in that riff.

Is this piece done?
It seems like it isn't.
The whole twiddly leads are a good way to end this, but again, it just seems too abrupt.

Outside of that, this is a strong song. I like the Viking Metal theme you got going on.
The verse and chorus are badass. Well, I especially like the verse riff.


Have you seen my tttttttttt_2 piece?