You guys probably aren't that interested, but my school, St. Pete High, has an annual lip syncing/dance competition. Since it is my senior year, I decided to put together a little crew with my friends. We won best overall of the show, and got a perfect score, the first time ever in the 20+ year history of the competition. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.

Our group name was It Ain't Easy Bein' Steezy (was supposed to be just 'Not Easy Bein' Steezy'). We couldn't think of a very good name so we just stuck with that.

Check it out:

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Wow this is actually realllllyyy good.
Nice work.
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Let me be the first to say...

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I fixed it.
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i liked it
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That audiece was really pissing me off. Everyone moved their heads in unison, and they were like "holy ****!!!!".
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Let me be the first to say...

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TS that was pretty cool. Props. Sync could have been tighter though.

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