ok so i went and picked up a new valveking 2x12 and i really like the amp but on the clean chanel when im playing around the second fret on the low E then there is this sound that sounds like static electricity comeing from the tubes and i dont know what it is. please help this is my first tube amp and dont know much.
unplug your guitar and try that spot again on fret, if you hear a buzz then you could have fret buzz - which is common.

otherwise, do you get that on any other frets? do you have your amp plugged into a clean power source with nothing else plugged into outlet?

otherwise, the amp can be buzzy
if its not the guitar fretting out, return the amp asap, its definitely under warranty, and fiddling with it could void your warranty. and if you just bought it, the store will take it back and give you a replacement most of the time.
im a blues man, but a good man, understand?
buzzing power tubes seem to be a common problem with the vk's. g note on the low e string made the one i had sound like it was going to fall apart.