Hey! Im looking for a new guitar to buy for the holidays. im looking for a guitar from a price range of 200-750 $ in US money. i play mostly metallica, pantera, and stuff like that. but sometimes i might play red hot chili peppers to foo fighters. so please help me out!
Go to guitar center and try out a Schecter. If you tell them your price range, and say you're looking for schecter, they'll recommend a guitar within your range. Make sure you try it before you buy it.

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NO! DONT GET A SCHECTER! NO! You can get such a better guitar from 200-750 what brands have you tried and liked?
250-750? thats kinda a broad range.....why not just save some more money and get a nice gibson or a ibanez and just build it how you want or something?...idunno just a thought. ive used a schecter c1 hellraiser for about a year and i liked it. it has good action out of the box and it has a deep tone with some EMG's.....then i sold it and payed the difference for a gibson explrer just make sure you play them! good luck!
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NO! DONT GET A SCHECTER! NO! You can get such a better guitar from 200-750 what brands have you tried and liked?

schecters are pretty good for there price range, so dont listen to this guy. You probably could get a better one, but schecters are among the good ones. Also look at ibanez rg's, and some jacksons as well.
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NO! DONT GET A SCHECTER! NO! You can get such a better guitar from 200-750 what brands have you tried and liked?

you have criticised an entire brand in general and have not stated why or given examples that support your statement.
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Maybe the Epiphone prophecy Les Paul with EMG'S ? But i don't know for how much they are going.
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I play a dk2m and its awesome and within your price range i would deffinatly give one a try
i would recomend a jackson for metal but ibanez is a solid choice also.
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Ibanez and ESP are good versatile guitars. You can use them for almost anything, and you'd be able to get a decent one with $750.

My best advice is, go to different music shops, and play different guitars until you find one you like.

Ibanez and ESP are great though.
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I have a few Schecters and they are great you can get a very good Schecter in your price range. Even the low end ones I have played performed well. All the guitar companies have guitars in you price range so you have many to choose from and what works for some doesn't for others. Buying a guitar is a personal decision. A lot of people just make recomendations without ever even picking up that brand of guitar they tell you what to buy or what not to buy because they have their favorites. Your best bet is to go to a music store try out all the guitars in your price range and make a decision then. You can get 1000 guys here telling you what and what not to do but when it comes down to it you have to buy what you feel comfortable with.

Don't forget to look into used guitars, right now there are some of the best deals I have seen since I have been collecting popping up in the Want ADs and Craigs list. I am getting to the point of putting wanted ads in the paper. I see what the guitar shops pay for used equipment and people are getting screwed I could offer 20% more and get a great deal and some one can walk away with a little more dough in their pocket.
$200-$750 is a rather large margin. You can buy anything from a cheap Squier to a good Made in Mexico Fender Strat to something more metal like a Jackson or LTD (possibly ESP if you buy used). Personally I'd stay above the $500 mark to get an axe thats worth holding onto for a longer period of time.
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Try ESP 400 series and up. They come with EMGs and play really well.
If you want a trem, go for the Ibanez RG1570 or Schecter Hellraiser or even B.C Riches, as they have OFRs.
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