Yeah. I've been eyeing a semi-hollow guitar for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to either the Dot or the Sheraton. The Dot, because it's affordable, and the Sheraton because I've seen a few touring bands actually use them live. Can anyone who owns either give me an opinion or two?
i was tempted to buy one today...billy hyde had a doorbuster sale...was going for $600A australian...

i was looking for an amp and didnt find one i liked.

play one...they sound mad into a good amp...very close to a gibby es335

i can definitely say that the dot is worth the money. the sheraton, from the impression that i get, is that it is too - though i've only messed around on one in guitar center.
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Dot's are lovely to play, but I've heard there are quality control issues so you could get a dud If you buy online, best bet is to try it out If you're gonna get a dot, Sheraton's are much better quality but essentially they are the same guitar no huge differences in tone I believe the Sheraton has better pups and a nicer feel to play but I've never tried one
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When you've seen bands using Sheraton, chances are they were playing the Elitist version, which is higher quality.

That said, even the most basic of Epi hollowbodies is good. Epi were the #1 brand in the world for semi-hollowbodies, until Gibson bought them.

Generally you can't go wrong with Epi semi-hollows, so buy whichever takes your fancy/the best one you can afford.
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I like the sheratons, they really nice, and they are not copies of other makes, but a design by epiphone,the casino is nice as well but feeds back more.
I think the dot is more of a standard copy really of the gibson, and as such they are a bit cheap and cheerful
I'd say take a serious look at the Epi dot. I just found a killer used one on my local craigslist and purchased it with a hardcase for only $250. Last month I purchased a Gibson BB King Lucille and the Epi is just as much fun to play. You do get what you pay for so is does feel a little cheap(compared to my Lucille). All I have done to mine was a good setup and new strings and I love it(it now play very similar to my Lucille just the neck is smaller). For me its a perfect guitar for jam sessions.
They're both good and you get what you pay for relatively speaking, with both. I'd definitely recommend a strict play-before-pay mentality with the Dot though. I've played some duds in my time.
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i have a sheraton.....i absolutely love it. It is very versatile and looks amazing
Quote by MrFlibble
When you've seen bands using Sheraton, chances are they were playing the Elitist version, which is higher quality.
Oh, there are plenty that don't, especially among indie bands these days. Just the normal-people $600 version. They can be nice, but they're also heavy as **** and have a wide, round neck. Personally I don't like the stock pups; they sound a little thin to me.
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