so im sick and tired of having small dinky amplifiers that come up to my knee >:O and they have stupid effects that are so stupid >:O

/rant ...sorry...

i went to guitar center and i tried the Egnator tourmaster full stack and i absolutely loved it! i have a great time fooling around with it and i got my variety of desired tones. The problem is the price, so i decided i would get a second opinion. I called my brother who has been playing guitar for maybe 15+ years and he suggested the ENGL models. I did some research and i found that these have some wicked metal tones to it. He mentioned that these amps are sold in new york city some where and i guess ill never have a chance to get to play them. Any thoughts about ENGL amps that you guys know of?

keep in mind im not a genius about amplifiers =\ sorry. my price range is up to 2500 $. im not asking you to shop for me.
ENGL's aren't just sold in New York City. I believe that GC carries them. And yes, they do have awesome metal tone. And as I hear it, pretty decent cleans too.
ENGL is pretty sick, I especially love the Powerball and Fireball. Heres a review, i love it.


Also, I really love the sound of Framus (cobra and dragon models, dragon's better IMO) and Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. I'd cehck out both of thsoe too. They sound really bad ass. Search youtube for sound demos. They aren't perfect, but they could at least give you an idea.

Lastly, some people swear by Marshall and Peavey. The Peavey JSX sounds pretty good and its a little in your budget. Marshall has the JCM800 which pretty much every Pro seems to own. Do some shopping. Don't drop $2500 unless you absolutely love something. I'd probably take the Triple Rectifier, but thats just me.
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smart words ^

i researched the JSX and LOL sach is one of my inspirations. thats pretty neat. i just hate how the people at guitar center are so eager to sell you anything >:O i want to take my time.