Ive read almost every thread that had the word 'drums' on this site, and i still dont know how to put drums into my recording. Ive recorded a riff using Acid Pro 6, now i need to put drums and make it into an ipod compatible format. Help!
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Well you can


Buyelectronic drumkit, plug into usb, press record, lay down track, ta daa


Buy acoustic drum mics, set up drum mics, plug in drum mic unit, press record, lay down track, ta daa

#3 or go online and choose from an infintie amount of loop and drum machines and programs
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gee, thanks man. that helped a lot.
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Is your question "how do I create a drum track in acid pro?" or "I need to create a drum track, not in Acid Pro, that I can then add to Acid pro after to accompany my guitar riff"

Clarify this please then we'll try to help more.

anything man, i just need to make a drum track and them mix it with my recording.
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Ok, so Take the other guys advice and get a drum looper, or anything that you can program drums into. (I personally recommend Acoustica Beatcraft, although I don't think it's free) These programs are quite easy to use so I'm sure you'll have a bu-dum track ready in no time!

Now, the other snag with this is that most programs will simply give you a Midi file or something similar for all your hard work and effort. Pah!. If that's ok with you, than cool. However I know that I always want my drum track to be in .WAV or even .MP3 format so that I have lots of flexibility with it...

Because a Midi file is just a set of instructions you need to record (you don't need a mic for this) those instruction to create your desired soundfile.

So here's the trick... You can make (or ask if you're nice) your computer RECORD whatever it is outputting at any given time. Meaning that you can start your drum track in any program, then get your clever CPU to record that (probably using your ACID PRO software) and then save it as an .MP3 or .WAV...

So... How?

There's an option in your 'volume control' panel that will be called 'stereo mix' this will most likey be hidden at first (go find it!) and will also most likely be muted! You need to un-mute this option. That's the first step, next step is to find the option for 'recording volume'... Now turn that Mofo DOWN to about 2 or 3, anything above that and you'll just record noise at a redicously high volume that even God will hear. (this will all depend on your set-up, you'll have to play with these options abit to get the mix right)

And there you go...

Now test it, start anything playing on your CPU (whether it be your shiny new drum track or Britney Spears Mp3) and then go to your recording software and hit that shiny red RECORD button... You should see, with amazement, you computer capturing that sound in 100% perfect quality... Providing your recording software allows it, save this as a .MP3 or .WAV.

Now you have a useable sound file that can be burnt onto disk, put onto any generic Mp3 player or inserted into a multitrack recording etc etc. Your options are infinite..

Just as a footnote, for anyone reading this, my trick here is especially usefull for things like GUITAR PRO... Ok, so you've been on UG and found a brilliant version of a song that you love to play along to in Guitar Pro... Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to have that file as an Mp3 or Wav? I often create tracks in Guitar Pro (drums, bass etc) then record it trough the method above, finally I burn the recording as an Audio CD. Then I can take it to a friends house and use it practice/jam with...

And that's it.. I hope this helps you loads in the future, as this trick can be used to record ANYTHING that your pc can play.

Good luck
Found 'stereo mix'...was not muted. Set the recording volume. Turned on my new sweet Brittany Spears CD, went to Acid pro, hit the record button and nada, no sound at all. Blank recording.
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Oh NO! I may have missed something!

Check back later (when I'm at home) and I'll ammend anything that needs it.

Have a fiddle with input and output options in the mean time. I know it took me a while and it may be slightly different for your soundcard setup. But the whole thing is invaluable once mastered.

Goodluck dude, I'll write back later


p.s Keep your Acid pro recording whilst you fiddle with volumes/controls, idealy whilst you can still see Acid pro window, that way you'll hopefully see a 'spike' at some point and there's your eureka moment!
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