For a stage guitar, does having a microphone as well as a pickup in an electro-acoustic really make much of a difference to the tone of the guitar when played through a PA?

That's all, thanks.
Depends what you want, really. While a microphone will be very true to the actual tone, its not the ultimate form of amplification. You get feedback like crazy unless you have a sound hole cover. Also, while an internal microphone gives a realistic sound, how much can that tiny microphone really do? That's how I think about it. Any form of amplification will be fine depending on what you like. I'm gonna go for a transducer in my next guitar.
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Personally I would recommend staying away from having a mic in the sound hole. The reason that mic/piezo combos became fashionable was the mic was a simple way of avoiding the overly strident, quacky sound of just the piezo - it adds a sense of realism and dynamics to the compressed and honky sound of piezos alone.

Although these internal mics 'fake' a realistic guitar sound, they can never get close to a guitar miked properly - ie with a LARGE diaphragm condenser, placed IN FRONT of the guitar. The internal mics are usually condensers (if you're looking at a dynamic forget about it) but SMALL diaphragm. And since the mic is inside the guitar you will predominately capture internal resonances - not the resonance of the top itself which is what you hear when you mic from IN FRONT of the guitar.

Like captivate said, mics cause all sorts of feedback issues, and I personally think that they are more trouble than they are worth.

Rather than using a internal mic I recommend one of these three options:

- If you can, mike up with a real mike in front of the guitar. Because the rear of the pickup will face the fold-back you can avoid feedback problems with a (super) cardioid pickup pattern.

- Use the B-Band system. This uses a undersaddle pickup and a transducer stuck to the underside of the top. This captures the actual vibrations of the top (not the resonances inside the guitar) and is supposed to give a more accurate representation of the sound. It does not capture small nuances like finger-squeak, or the difference between the attack of a pick versus nails versus fingers, as well a mic would tho. (BTW, B-Band also has a system that DOES have an internal mike - but im talking about the other one)

- Your third option (and your best IMHO) is to try one of the Fishman aura range. I've never actually been able to use these but the demos on the site are very impressive. The aura uses DSP to alter the peizo signal to sound more like a miked guitar.

So in short, a mike will pretty up the peizo sound, but will not give you a 'studio sound' on the 'stage'. Also there are better options (see above) which offer better sound quality, without the drawback of feedback issues.

If anyone knows of any other systems that give a 'studio sound on stage' other than those I've mentioned, please let me know.