I'm in the market for a new guitar. My Ideal specs are as follows:

-Fixed bridge
-Humbucking PU's
-Preferably not black (I have plenty of black axes already)
-Versitile, and GOOD at it, not just okay at a bunch of different styles
-Jumbo or XJ frets.
-Great tone.

I was thinking about the Dean Hardtail. Now I know a lot of you don't like deans, but this one was pretty nice when I played it in the music store. Great tone, Coil taps, Thick Mahogany body, and a lot of personality. I had it plugged into an MG100 and it still managed to squeal pretty well.


I'm open to suggestions, criticism, other guitars, etc. I basically play whatever I'm in the mood for. Some blues, power metal (lots of Galneryus), Old school rock, etc.
Any tips?
dude, you just asked for the perfect guitar that has a fixed bridge.

find one you like, and buy it!, if its black, just glue some pink fluffy **** to it.

if you like the dean, get the dean.
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The LTD EC1000 is a great guitar IMO!
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Some Ibanez SZ or SZR with better pickups is just what you need.
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i like the ec1000 - esp in the transparent blue colour!
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