desperate for some opinions, im probably going to go out and buy one today! otherwise im just going to buy either a muff or a rat and a delay and reverb stomp but i need to change tones a lot during sets so a mutli-effects board would be so much easier, please help!
yes, and with a multifx you have chorus,flanger,pitch shifter,wah,phaser and more
In my experience they sound great, but I'm not an expert. All I can tell you is they don't sound terrible to me.
my mate bought the ME-50 a couple months ago, it's an epic pedal
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One of my buddies had an ME-50. I thought it sounded terrible,, especially the overdrive and distortions.
I've had this thing for over a year now, I quite like it. The effects are pretty good, but I found the distortion models a bit too fuzzy and bright, but that's just my opinion. If you like the sound, go for it, you won't regret it!
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I have an ME50 and all the effects sound great EXCEPT the overdrive/distortion ones, if you're using a separate pedal or your amp for the distortion then it sounds good but the ME50's distortion will destroy your tone.
Im afraid no, pretty much all the distortions suck. The BD-2 one is ok, but the rest really blow.

Nothing compares to the real thing imo.
I'd imagine it depends a lot on how you equalize your amps output as well, there's many factors to "good" distortion, I use the GT-8 which isn't quite the same thing, but I imagine they work in the same way, and though I don't use it for distortion any more, it never let me down when I did.
Boss' are reliable pieces of gear, and I think if your tight on cash it'll give you far more for your money.
To be honest, you might as well just get either a RAT or a Muff, with a Holy Grail instead of getting the ME-50, you'll end up getting single effects soon anyway, so there's no point in wasting money on the ME-50.
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rats are made with poorer quality now, get the muff.
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