Hey guys/gals, heres my prob.

For quite a while there has been this washburn guitar at a little local music shop (the type that stock only crap, yet occasionally have some hidden gems)

anyways, there selling this particular guitar for $1600 AUD (if i remember correctly)

but i cant track down what model guitar it is, so, if anyone can identify it, please lead me in the right direction!

- Its a super-strat type guitar (like the ibanez RG's),
- HSH pickup config. (POSSIBLY HSS),
- This one i believe it a metallic red, and has a pickguard, (headstock also red)
- Its got a floyd rose,
- 24fret (i think) (no special inlays, just dot)
- It has a headstock like the "WG" series (as far as i know, theres only a 7 string and 2 6's in this range, a cheapy and one that does have a floyd, but neither have a pickguard)

so if anyone knows what im on about, cheers!
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yeah, the guitar its like 3-4 years old at least i would think, its not on the washburn site, its too old lol, which makes it really hard to track down
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Guitars have serial numbers, usually located on the back of the headstock. Write it down and e-mail or call washburn. They can probably tell you exactly what model it is, when it was made, etc... good luck!
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yeah, but that involves me going to the shops and looking at it, then coming home and tracking it down.

i just sorta wanted to.. like.. sit here and find out without having to move.

the model is on the guitar, ive just forgotten what it is
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call up the shop, i best they would be more than happy to tell you everything you need/want to know
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i made this thread late last night, in hope that i could cure some boredom with out looking at porn, and rather track down a guitar.

im heading to the shops today, so ill see if i can find it.
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This is more than likely what you've found...........a early 90's MG.

They're kinda fat like you described but I've never seen one with a painted headstock. Might be an import thing if it's an Aussie guitar.

All you wanna know about them is in the Washburn achieves here:
yeah thats alot closer, although, it does have the WG headstock which is quite unique.
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