Hi kids
I'm buying new strings (on stringsdirect)
Really don't know waht the differences are?
I normally go for Dean Markely ones, I don't have a problem with them. but I wondered if you guys could help me find ones more suited for me.

I play in drop D quite a lot, and I play a lot of metal/rock.
Any suggestions?
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Slightly heavier strings are desirable for drop tunings. I go from Drop B - 1/2 step down, so I go with 11-52 Ernie Balls. Used to use 12's but you sacrifice some finesse if you're a lead player.
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Best place to go is webstrings.com They are the same strings as daddario they just don't put the brand on there. They get them from the same factory. They are really cheap and the same quality strings.
I Use Ernie Ball Strings Called Something Like Skinny Top Fat Bottom Or Something. They Work Really Well In Drop D, And Stay Bright For A While.

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Pickups for sale!
I personally hate Ernie Balls.

I go with gauge 10/11 sometimes D'addarios.
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Carmel is hawt
I just got converted. I needed some new strings because my old ones were getting pretty dull. Anyways, I hadn't tried anything new for a while, so I decided what the heck, I'll get something different than my usual D'Addarios. I go to the counter, and the rack of Ernie Ball strings caught my eye. So there I go, I buy these Ernie Ball Slinkys 0.10-.46 gauge, restring my guitar, play the first few chords to Devil's Child by Judas Priest, and boy, my guitar had NEVER sounded so good.

So anyways, that's my story. ERNIE BALL FOR LIFE!!!
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I play 10 - 52 Dean Markley Blue Steel Light Top Heavy Bottoms. And by I play them, I mean, thats whats on my guitar right now. Love em. Thin enough to play some sick leads, thick enough to tune down, and to ring out a long time. Its good stuff.
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