I just need some info and some help...

1. My girlfriends dad is selling his Aria Sinsonido Bass for £100 and has let me try it. I havent tried it through an amp yet but i am happy with it so far and like the feel of the bass and i didnt want to put it down, which to me is a good sign. I was just wondering if anybody else has this bass, or has owned one and what their opinions were of it?

2 Also i am really interested in getting a MusicMan style bass but with Christmas coming up and needing for other things i cant afford to buy a proper MusicMan bass, so i was wondering if anyone has or knows of a cheaper but reliable version?

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1. not sure
2. OLP used to be "musicmans squier" but theyve discontinued now, u can stil get them on ebay i believe
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I can't answer your first question but for the second one look for a used SUB bass. SUB makes excellent Music Man copies but they got discontinued a couple of years ago.
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I dont know much bout either, i know Cliff played aria so they must be good.

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