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B.C. Rich Warlock Paolo sig
6 24%
Traben 5 string
8 32%
11 44%
Voters: 25.
Which bass should I get? Right now I'm renting this 4 string yamaha. I wanna get a five string. I was thinking about the B.C. Rich Warlock Paolo Gregoletto sig. I heard that B.C. rich isn't good. I was looking at the a 5 string Traben too. I don't want it to be super expensive.

If you have another recommendation then post it.

Oh yeah and I am into metal \m/
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Ibanez have made some nice 5string basses.

Schecter on the other hand have made some incredible basses! Take the Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 for example:

neckthrough, satin finish, active EQ (ALOT of versatility in sound) and a super quality instrument!

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Windfall that's a pretty cool bass. What is so bad about B.C. Rich though? Everyone says that they are crap but doesn't say why.
From personal experience, as a Rich has been the only bass I've ever owned until as of some time next week, my Warlock is a love/hate thing.

The love comes from it actually sounding decent, and a really nice-feeling neck.

The hate comes from how it has killer neck dive which cramps up my hand when playing standing, and also how the contours of the body force you to pluck from an awkward angle when playing fingerstyle.

Let's just say there's a reason why I'm getting a new bass.
the Traben. brutal looks are obviously important to you, and that bass does it, sounds great, and feels good.
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I don't mind B.C. Rich beside the low end stuff. The Traben is probably your best bet.
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Traben out of those too, but I'd look at Warwick or Rockbass
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