hmmm, wish i'd heard about that before i got my squier p-bass special...
coz thats really nice, mind you, they are pretty much the same guitar.

the only thing that puts me off is the giant skull, im not a huge fun of skulls and that looks crap tbh.
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Because Anthrax isn't exactly a well known band outside of metal. But still he is great, you should check out early Anthrax he has some amazing (and audible) bass work.
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Wan't Frank Bello in Helmet too?

yes he was.

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I dislike the way that bass is. 2 volumes? it needs a tone.

and his tone is no fun at all.

people like me must be why you have never heard of Frank Bello, TS. he plays pretty well but his tone bugs me.
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The only reason i have heard of him was because he has a squire sig. If it doesnt have a tone pot its better to get the squire standrad presicion special. I started out on one and really enjoyed it.
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I thought he had a Fender sig too?

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I thought he had a Fender sig too?

he does, but he also put out a squier sig
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