Okay, I've been considering on restoring my Squier Strat, but I have some questions:

*The tone I'm looking for is one that can go from Frusciante clean to Mick Mars dirty*

What separates the Seymour Duncan Hot and Cool Rails?

I've also looked into Fender CS 59 and 62(?) pickups, but I've only seen clean demos. How do they sound distorted and how distorted can they get?

What does it mean to have a "split-coil" pickup? Is it possible to do that with the Rails?

As for the tremolo, I've been thinking about a Floyd Rose. Which one is the best for a Strat?

*Anyone know where I can find black tuning keys?*

With my Les Paul, I want to install a bigsby. What will this do to it soundwise?
you can coil tap any humbucker with four lead wires. a floyd rose original or FR pro would be good for a tremolo. if you put a bigsby on a les paul the ghost of randy rhodes will punch you in the face for screwing with perfection. oh yeah its a squier dude. everything on it is inferior to a decent guitar (except for the screws and pickguard maybe) and for the price of a floyd tremolo and instalation you could get a real strat that will play and sound as good as a squier that had $1500 spent on making it as good as the real deal.