I am going to do some recording next weekend. The studio that I have access to has both an SM57 and e609. I understand that they are both great for micing amps. My question is:
How loud can I crank my amp? I have a Traynor YCV40 which is 40w tube. I also have a home-built AX84 P1x. I is around 10 watts tube. I plan on bringing both amps.
I do not want to damage my friends studio mics.
Like my band is just startin up and me and my bud are writin a 5 song EP right now. I run my bass and mic through the same amp, a traynor, and my friend runs his mic through his guitar amp, a randall, and nothing goes wrong. People have told me that their is a chance your AMP could break doin that but I haven't heard anything about mics :S. Don't crank your amp too hig and just leave gain on at medium or low level. If you turn it up too high then you get this like 3000 decibel shrieking sound comin out of your amp and as you can guess.. thats not good. So you should be fine, I would run the e609 through the traynor if possible. You want to be heard lol
If a microphone will be conected to the mixer it will record more silent.
If your recording needs a lot of feedback,or your amp only sounds good when cranked
then do what you do need and just turn the down level slider on your mixer.Dont forget to record the front and the back of the amp.It will make the sound heavier.
Well I'm doing heavy stuff. Just creepy stuff. My girlfriend is has to do a short scary film for a Drama Studies class she is in. She has to use original music, so I have been selected to help build tension in the scenes because I am cheap

I like the sound of the traynor's clean when it is around 5 or 6 on the dial (11 to 1 o'clock).
The P1x just sounds great overall. I will use it mainly for rythm stuff, and a little bit of overdirven leads.