Hey, new to the forum

Seems a great place for new bands to get their feet of the ground, so would be grateful if you could give my band a listen. Been playing together a while now but just got our act together to start getting out there.


Tarantula Freedom- playing a pretty mixed up range stuff with wide influences. Track on myspace at the moment has regage influences, but takes in some of the London Hardcore scene aswell ha.

Would appreciate any feedback, or support which would be invaluable
it was good until the hardcore attempt....it just doenst work, and kills that sweet reggae vibe...i can understand a rock chorus, but this just loses the melody...other than that it was a pretty cool mix of music
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sorry for the late reply been reall busy ha

yh i htink we have an issue there because there is screaming but also whispering, which seems to be a bit to loud and mashing everything else up lol

cheers for the sound advice guys