Poll: should I get a new guitar keep my old one?
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View poll results: should I get a new guitar keep my old one?
2 25%
Get Dean Vendetta XM
6 75%
Voters: 8.
I have one of the worst guitars ever: A Gibson/Baldwin LP. Should I get a new guitar ( A Dean Vendetta XM), or keep on practicing with the other guitar?
Um, how long have you been playing, whats your amp, what do you play can we get a link to your current guitar so we can check out the specs?
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Spend the money. Depending upon how crappy your crappy guitar is, it can effect your playing. A better instrument will help you play to your best potential. It may not make you sound like your favorite artist, but it will not impede your creative flow. I heartily recommend collecting instruments.
If your current guitar is that horrid, get a new one. But please don't get a Dean. They are not very good unless they're the MIA models, and even those cost more than what they're worth imo.
Tell us what music you play, what amp you have and how much you are willing to spend and we'll try to find something nice for you.

EDIT: What exactly is wrong with your LP? Maybe it just needs to be set up correctly.
I would recommended you dont get a guitar that's gonna be as bad as the one you already have. Wait and save up and get a decent guitar that's actually going to be worth the money you spend!