I was just curious if anyone knows how much any of these runs and if they just know more information than what the website has. there's no way in hell i could ever afford one, but i'm just curious.

for anyone else who is curious and too lazy to look it up the Private Reserve Breedlove acoustics are insturments made by kim breedlove him self, he makes like 5 in a year.
Well... Since it's a custom Breedlove, it will depend mainly on what you want with your guitar. Woods, appointments, bracing patterns, etc. Just the selection of wood can make a huge difference. Especially since it's the absolute top grade wood. I'd assume that you'd be spending at least $5000 for one of these. I'm probably underestimating as well.
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Those are going to be incredibly high quality. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if those were in the top five highest quality guitars made. Just my opinion though.

They will be incredibly expensive, but they'll have highest grade wood, the inlays are really nice, great design, great build.
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