I tried out this bass in a shop today, and liked it (not that I'd know much better). It was a small shop, and I've never heard of this brand before. Doing some research on it online, I came across this. http://www.expressmusicstore.co.uk/products.asp?code=BASPCKBL

Anyone know anything about the company, or any opinions on the guitar? I can't seem to find many reviews for the practice amp included. But I'd probably try and get another, more powerful amp as well (was thinking an Orange Crush CR20B, as recommended by the FAQ thread).

Would love to hear what you guys think of this bass if you've ever played it or own it, and also what you think of this offer on the site, is it likely that the pack's so cheap because the stuff's crap. I'm definitely not settled on this guitar yet, want to try out the Ibanez GSR200 and perhaps a few others before making up my mind.

Thanks very much!
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i like the sound of the GSR200 and the orange
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I can't imagine it to be that good with that price tag, I've personally never had a good experience with Stagg amps. Definately look at that Ibanez, my friend has that model, and it's a fantastic bass, plays really nice, and sounds fantastic.

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