ok so, i tried selling these before, but what ended up happening was the deal couldnt go through.

in the meantime, i decided that i really need a case (preferably a coffin case) for my schecter. so i am looking to trade these pickups for a case now.

here is the original post:

Quote by jetfuel495

so i have the guitar on the right, and i recently took the stock pickups (duncan designed HB-105s) to put in the SD livewire Dave Mustaine sigs.

i was thinking about taking the old pickups and putting them into an old jackson JS30RR, but i figured, i might be able to sell/trade them for something good.

the pickups themselves are in great condition, full working order, and all the original wiring, pots, switch, battery clip, input jack, and other bits and pieces will be included. they sound pretty good, and theyre high gain.

these pickups are great for alot of different styles of hard rock/heavy metal. i only took them out because im a dave freak and i wanted his pickups.