I'm not really asking for recommendations just some feedback on these guitars.Ive just been searching around for the past month or so for a new guitar. i've played several different ibanez guitars, the prs se custom, epi. g-400 etc.
i came across a few guitars that caught my attention though.

I saw this ibanez in sam ash, i didnt get the chance to play it though.

I haven't heard too much about hamer guitars, it just seems like it would be a pretty good guitar.

and this michael kelly valor. Looks really good, and it has some cool stuff like coil tapping pots.
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Michael Kelly's are really nice, you get so much for your money. I would stay away from that ibanez. Not sure about the Hamer.

I would get the michael kelly.

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I've heard good things about kelly's and hamers, that ibanez could be good or it could be s***, they're somewhat inconsistent from what i've heard and experienced
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