can any1 recommend any specific pedals i can get to get a green day/alkaline trio sound.


gibson sg
traynor ycv40t
If you want to go REALLY cheap... Maybe a Digitech Grunge pedal? That's the only 'punk' pedal that I can think of. Or just shop around for a lot of ODs/Dists...
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judt get a multi effects pedal i have th rp 250 and its pretty good
I had the amp you are using as a rental for a few weeks and didn't like it as much as my Traynor, but I was able to get a lot better distortion tones out of it than the one I have using my ToneBone Hot British pedal. That pedal combined with or without the boost in the amp allowed me to get a lot of different and really high quality distortion tones. If you can, audition that set up. I think you'll be very pleased.
Digitech bad monkey, Ibanez TS9, Vox Cooltron overdrive. With that amp if you set your gain to 3 o 'clock then add a boost/overdrive pedal, you should be able to get some pretty punkish tones out of it.
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