Do you have any certain songs you play to test out a guitar when youre at the guitar store?

I play the intro to Join The Club by reel big fish, a few scales, and a G Em C D barre chord progression.
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I sweep and tap.

Seriously, it makes the shop assistants take you more seriously.

... tapping makes the assistants avoid you.
Usually an A7X, Three Days Grace, or Bullet for My Valentine song.
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Usually Nevermore, Circus Maximus or some other prog.

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I picked out my Les Paul by playing Sweet Child Of Mine and Welcome To The Jungle on every single one until I found one that I fell in love with
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I can't play songs for sh*t when in a store for some stupid reason- absolutely fine on stage, fine in front of people anywhere else... just not the store So I generally go through techniques as opposed to songs.

Happens to me aswell, probably because I have an Ibanez, therefore, due to its extreme playability, ive actually reached a point where i cant play other guitars
Smells like Teen Spirit.

But only if I'm warmed up, otherwise I can't play the solo.


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It's like every single riff I've ever learned leaves my mind when I step foot in a guitar store. I always tell myself, "No! Don't do it! Don't do iiiiiiiiiit!" But I do it anyway. I play the Master of Puppets intro. Always.

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Smoke On The Water.

Seriously "Plug In Baby", "Scar Tissue", "Stop", and then just chords.
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Usually, Norther's Betrayed, Death's Crystal Mountain, some band material, and then to switch it up play Johnny Winter's Rock Me Baby.
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some bluesy riffs and a couple of chords
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It's like every single riff I've ever learned leaves my mind when I step foot in a guitar store. I always tell myself, "No! Don't do it! Don't do iiiiiiiiiit!" But I do it anyway. I play the Master of Puppets intro. Always.

That's EXACTLY what happens to me. I completely forget EVERYTHING i've EVER learned basically, haha. It sucks.

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Voodoo Chile. It's a great one cuz you can just kinda jam on it soloing all over the neck, and then do some chords.
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generally some muse either hysteria or knights of cydonia, the little part of the awakening - les claypool, i can play with out looking like a twat. then i just fiddle with octaves'n'stuff
I usually just play a bit of blues, a few chords here and there, and whatever else comes to my mind. No real paradigm I have for testing out guitars.

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canon rock
it sounds great, and I can rely fell the guitar coming alive in my hand
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Darkest nights by As I Lay Dying, the solo from Scobra vs. Cupcake by Arsonists Get All The Girls, scales, The intro to FCPREMIX, whatever I can remember basically.
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