Hey guys,
I just started a new band and were 2 guitarists...we have some pretty good riffs so far but how I'm not sure how to make sound good for 2 guitars and not just one... Any suggestions as to how to write songs when there are 2 guitarists in the band??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
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a good way to do it is to play the same riff but one gutiarist being an octave lower/higher

or one guitarist playing one riff and the other playing another riff over the top so layering the subsequent riff
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yup harmonize or have one do chords while the other plays a riff
Listen to the guitar harmonies in Panic Attack (by Dream theater, brutal-ass song) and in some Iron Maiden songs for inspiration.
^this guy plays guitar overhand. WTF? YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, N00B!!!!!!!1!11