just tell me if digital effects is a god or bad idea with a tube amp. if not tell me how i can get nu metall sound out of an marshall.
MR morgan
I've never had to big of a problem with it. I ran a few Line 6 pedals through an all tube amp for a few months and it didn't sound bad at all. Make sure you put it in the effects loop if you have one.
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they should work fine, but analog is so much better. and to get a new metal sound? two word... overdrive pedal.
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It's really the true hybrid setup. I like mine and I consider amp modeling as just another pedal to help you get the tone your looking for. Tone is in your wallet if you can swing analog and get the versatility you want do so, but digital is a good low cost alternative and sounds alot better with tubes then it does with SS amps in my opinion.
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i'm on a quest to get rid of all of the dreaded digital devices in my signal chain...i have come to the conclusion that anything digital strips the soul away from a tube amp...

as far as getting the sound you want...the best way would be to just use the amp for distortion...you didnt mention what marshall ya have....but i would throw everything at it i could..bring your amp to the music store and try out some new speakers/cabs..a tube pre-amp will give you more gain if your amp is lacking,...new pickups...

but for the sound your looking for,..you may have to live with some tone sucking and put a distortion pedal in the front of your amp..

good luck
its a 6101 30th anniversary marshall. it has a god distortion but it does not have the lead to do nu metall.
MR morgan
of course not
Marshalls aren't really that good for nu-metal at all. IMHO at least.
I guess I would suggest an overdrive of some sort.

Fulltone Fulldrive?
Fulltone OCD?
Maxon OD-808?