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I have decided to turn my SSS strat into a HSH. I already found two DiMarzio pups that suit my needs.

My main question is how easy is it to replace/solder the pups yourself assuming i have the proper diagrams/instructions?
I don't have any experience with soldering but I tend to pick up stuff like this pretty easily.

If it's not too hard what kind of soldering iron/other supplies would suit my needs?

If it is too hard i will just get it done professionally but it is something i wanted to learn to do myself.
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it's really easy to swap out pups yourself. for my first soldering job i just went out to radio shack, got a 40 watt iron and some 60/40 rosin core solder, went smoothly. as long as you're patient and careful it'll be breeze.
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Don't you have to bore out the pickup cavities so that the Hum's will fit? As for soldering, mikeyElite is right, take your time, and it's REALLY easy. I learned how to solder from re-building guitars and now I can do some plumbing jobs. Lol.
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